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You may have heard about me, (Always & Forever Videos) from other wedding suppliers or a friend of yours that has used our services in the past.


My name is Wayne, and I’m a wedding videographer based in Staffordshire – available nationwide.

Since 1993 I have adopted a minimal, unobtrusive approach towards wedding videography. I aim to achieve a consistent, creative look, along with a strong connection and trust with the couple. My minimal approach allows for guests to feel comfortable and enjoy themselves throughout the day, making spontaneous film moments a lot easier.

Filming a limited number of weddings each year allows me to provide an individual service to clients, focusing on delivering a compelling wedding story about you both. Capturing all the romance, laughter, heartfelt words and sincere emotions of the day. Captured with no staging, no cheesy singing and dancing in front of the cameras, just real stories full of love.

My passion is delivering a flawless and artful cinematic film experience that brings you right back to your wedding day time after time.

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