Terms & Conditions

1. General information
Always & Forever Wedding Videography will provide services to the customer(s), providing the customer(s) have/has assessed all the risks that may occur.
2. Booking and payment
a. A booking fee of £200.00 is required once a wedding contract is drawn up which will confirm the date and wedding video package requested (non-refundable subject to Paragraph 3.c).
b. A date may only be considered reserved once the deposit has been received and funds are cleared along with you selecting the checkbox of the Terms & Conditions on our website or signing and returning a copy of our Terms & Conditions. Until that point dates cannot be guaranteed.
c. The full balance is payable at one month prior to the date of your wedding. In cases where a booking has been made within the one-month period, the full (non-refundable) balance is payable. Failure to pay the final balance within this period will cancel your booking and the full price agreed will become chargeable.
d. Travelling Expenses – All packages include travel expenses.
3. Cancellations
a. Weddings sometimes need to be cancelled so we strongly recommend that all couples take out comprehensive wedding insurance to protect themselves from costs if they need to cancel.
b. The customer(s) may cancel this booking at any time by giving written or email notice to Always & Forever Wedding Videography.
c. Cancellation is as follows;
1. More than ninety days prior to the date = no refund of deposit.
2. Ninety days to thirty days prior to the date = any costs paid excluding deposit.
3. Less than thirty days prior to the date = no refund of all costs.
d. If Always & Forever Wedding Videography is unable to film your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, a backup wedding videographer will be provided, where possible. If we cannot provide a backup a full refund will be issued.

4. Filming the day
a. Any variations in the times, dates, or to the planned event that may impact on the booking form should be communicated to Always & Forever Wedding Videography as soon as possible.
b. The customer(s) must obtain permission to film the marriage service and the customer(s) is also responsible for any fees levied at the various locations, for video licencing.
c. The customer(s) must also seek permission from any other venue we are filming at, should it be required.
d. Arrangements should be made for all venues to be accessible by Always & Forever Wedding Videography at least one hour and thirty minutes before the time of each event This is to be arranged by the customer(s) so that we can capture established shot of the wedding venue.
e. We aim to be discreet whilst filming but in low light conditions, additional camera-mounted or free-standing lighting may be required.
f. Coverage will be as the cameraman’s professional expertise determines and no one scene will be determined more important than another. While every effort will be made to get the best position for the camera(s) to film the event this may not always be possible if restrictions are imposed upon us on the day.
Always & Forever Wedding Videography cannot guarantee coverage of any particular individual or group during the day.
g. We use broadcast quality well-maintained equipment, however, we will not be liable for any radio signal losses, battery failures, equipment failure and or material defects, which are beyond our control. In the unlikely event of a total video failure, our liabilities are limited to a refund of all monies paid by the client(s).
Every effort is made to ensure perfect colour and lighting reproduction, but certain conditions may not be accurate such as mixed indoor and external lighting, hard shadows, and low lighting conditions. With these factors beyond our control, we will endeavour to produce the best image possible. In the case that a particular segment of the event is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not a part of the final edited film, it is at the sole discretion of Always & Forever Wedding Videography. If something occurred at the wedding that the client does not want to appear on the final film, the client must instruct Always & Forever Wedding Videography in writing or email before post-production begins.
The client must provide a safe working environment and is responsible for any damage to our equipment by their guests and will be liable to pay such expenses for replacement or repairs. In restrictive conditions such as rain, extreme temperatures and humidity, adequate shelter must be provided to the videographer.

5. Food
Always & Forever Wedding Videography would be most grateful if food & refreshments could be provided by the customer(s) for our videographer(s). It is very important that this be served at the same time as any other food is served to guests, where no filming will be taking place during this time.

6. The Edit
a. Always & Forever Wedding Videography will endeavor to build your film around any special requests made within this booking form, but such requests are not binding instructions. Artistic interpretation cannot be guaranteed but every attempt will be made to comply with the customer(s) wishes. Always & Forever Wedding Videography will not be held responsible for scenes not included due to inclement weather or other conditions outside of their control.
b. Any final editing decisions are of the sole discretion of Always & Forever Wedding Videography.
c. Any changes requested on the final copy once sent out, after one month will be subject to a further charge.
d. Additional copies will be supplied at current retail costs.
e. To comply with copyright law, if a choir or musician performs any music live, then a licence needs to be obtained from the composer and publisher of the music (Legislation Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 Part II, s.181 et). Composers and publishers are represented in the UK and Ireland by MCPS. If the music is being played from a CD, record or any other recording, a second licence needs to be obtained from the record company. The Record companies are represented in the UK and Ireland by PPL. CS supply both licences in paragraph (5.e) as part of this wedding package and this should be communicated to your ceremony organiser.
f. Any loss or damage of material or software (i.e. video and/or audio supplied by the customer(s) is limited to the cost of the media alone. No consequential loss is accepted by Always & Forever Wedding Videography.
g. If a customer(s) submits any media to Always & Forever Wedding Videography for inclusion in the film, copyright clearance is the responsibility of the customer(s) other than music covered in paragraph (e).
h. Completion, depending on the time of year, is usually within 5 – 10 months from the date of the event (not including any bank holidays).
Subject to paragraphs (5.h.1 and 5.h.2) .1. The customer(s) supplies Always & Forever Wedding Videography all items required to complete the video before the event date. 2. If after 6 months from the date of the event, the items and, or information required to finish the video is not forthcoming, then the service will have expired and an additional fee will be made for any subsequent editing.

7. Acceptance of Goods
a. The customer(s) shall within seven days from the delivery of goods give written notice to Always & Forever Wedding Videography of any respect in which it is alleged that the goods do not comply with the booking form. Subject to any such notice, the goods will be deemed to comply with the booking form in all respects.

8. Additional
a. We keep a master copy of your film in our archives for up to six months. You may order additional copies within this period as required. If you wish to order additional copies after six months, we cannot guarantee that the master will be available.
b. The prices quoted are current at the time of viewing. Always & Forever Wedding Videography reserves the right to change and amend this booking form without notice at which point prices may change.
c. Unless stated in the ‘anything else’ section of this form Always & Forever Wedding Videography retain Copyright of the goods produced from this booking form and are protected by the Copyright and Design act 1988. The Customer(s) hereby allows Always & Forever Wedding Videography to display any media included in this booking form in any form.

A date may only be considered reserved once the deposit has been received and you have submitted the Terms & Conditions below, until this point dates cannot be guaranteed.


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Donna Lines
Donna Lines

Left us a 5 star review

Donna Lines

I've know of Wayne for 16 years, so when we decided to get married there was no other person who I would have wanted to video our wedding. Wayne was amazing 16 years ago. Times and technology have changed so you can only imagine what his work is like now. On the day he was fantastic, just as I remembered him. He's such a lovely calm man, before the wedding it can get a little stressed and hectic and he's there just calm doing his thing not getting in your way. I explained what he we wanted and he got it all. When we watched our video it was amazing. The things he asked us to do on the day all fell into place on the video. It's really nice being able to watch the things that you missed or wasn't able to see. Our photographer let us down and Wayne recommend one, Curtis Jensen, They both worked so well together, they just bounced off each other. The laughs we all had I will never forget. I'm so grateful he recommended him. I honestly can not recommend Always & Forever enough. Wayne is so professional and such a lovely man. He's not pushy or in your face he's just there in the background doing his thing. I said to Wayne 16 years ago. You are no where but everywhere. And that was certainly the same this time. Thank you for capturing all of our special moments, I am so pleased you were able to be there with us

Georgia Jones

There are no words for how much we love our wedding video! Wayne is absolutely amazing at what he does! We actually wasn’t going to have a videographer but decided last minute to have one. I can’t believe I actually thought about not having one. It’s so precious to relive your day and see all the parts that you missed and see everyone happy and enjoying your celebration. If anyone is debating whether to have one whilst reading this, please take my advice and hire Wayne. He makes you feel so comfortable and is the nicest guy, he is extremely talented at what he does. Thank you so much Wayne! I’m sure we will watch it many more times over the years especially when we are grey and old and want to relive our youth! 😂💗

We watched our full wedding video this week and just WOW, it was so good to see all the little details and thought that had gone into everything and getting the music to match perfectly. Originally we didn’t budget for a videographer but it was the best thing we did and Wayne came highly recommended from our friends wedding. Not only is the final edit perfect but he was great fun to have around on the day and worked great with our photographer. Thank you Wayne for this special memory 🙂🥰

We would highly recommend using Always & forever wedding videography! We have just had our wedding video back and we are blown away! The attention to detail and personal touches are phenomenal. The customer service was fabulous and everyone commented how brilliant Wayne was during our wedding day! Thank you for giving us the gift of reliving this special day with such a beautifully pieced together video. Rebecca & Dale.

Aimee Dearden

Wow, we have just watched our wedding video for the first time and are overwhelmed with how amazing it was! Wayne, you have captured every moment and more and we can’t thank you enough. We are so grateful to have this video to look back on of our special day. You really have done such an amazing job, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We’ve laughed and cried throughout the whole video. You are amazing - thank you ⭐️🎥

Wayne was the perfect Videographer for our wedding. I was made to feel completely comfortable and we hardly realised he was there videoing us. We have just received our wedding video and it was absolutely beautiful, I shed a few tears and the effort he put in was amazing. He captured everything perfectly. The pictures on the DVDs and cases were a lovely added touch.

Cheryl Gillen

I realised that Wayne was the perfect choice for A&Js wedding. We hardly noticed him during the wedding but he was always there capturing precious moments glances kisses etc. He’s friendly, approachable and totally professional and totally understood what the couple were looking for. The video is amazing and he has synced the chosen music to perfection. I would 100% recommend him. I hope he enjoyed being part of the day as much as we did.

realised I never reviewed. wedding 2016- our perfect video was created by Wayne, very friendly and professional. we always recommend to friends, something extra special for the videos and such a perfect way to remember a perfect day ❤

Geeta Rani

Thank you Wayne, you truly did a magnificent job in capturing all our wedding footage and can’t thank you enough for memories. We will be recommending you to all our family and friends. Thank you geeta and Chris

Claire Noak

Highly recommend Wayne for wedding videography, we have watched ours a thousand times since we received it a couple of weeks ago.. we’ve laughed, cried, cringed 🤣 but so thankful Wayne was there to capture it all from our special day. Wayne is such a lovely guy also and made us feel very relaxed & comfortable throughout ❤️

Leyton Jordan

Wow ! 7 years ago today you did this amazing video for us 👍❤️😍 thanks again ❤️

Amy Anne Kent

We can’t thank Wayne and his lovely family enough for our wedding video. You didn’t miss a thing and truly captured the day, yet I didn’t even really realise you were there! Wayne has worked his magic so much our video looks like a movie, couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!

We were recommended Wayne by one of his previous clients. As soon as he sat down and showed us his work we knew we were in safe hands. Wayne was incredible on the day and worked well with our photographer which is a bonus as the footage we got is amazing. He makes you feel so comfortable it’s like you’ve known him for ages. Thank you so much for our amazing video I cried 😂 Todd did not 🤣 and the music omg when you put the f1 tune in I stated laughing 🤣❤️. I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone he’s incredible yes we waited ages for the video but it’s so worth it and it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Thanks for everything 😊

Wayne! we love it!! within 5 minutes I was in tears. You captured the day perfectly. We honestly felt like we were back in the moment, it’s so special. I love all the little bits that you captured, like Lee’s mum putting the flowers on all of ‘boys’, the hug between Grace and myself, the speech Mark Tollis gave before our first dance and more.. It was well worth the wait and to be honest, it’s nice to have that come down period after the wedding- getting back to reality and have something to look forward to. We were expecting it to be amazing, but it exceeded our expectations. If you are thinking about having Wayne as your videographer, you should definately go for it. He is a really nice guy and you can tell he cares about doing an amazing job. He thinks of shots that are a bit different to put in your video and adds special touches to it to make it personalised to you. Thank you Wayne, we love it! can’t wait to show the parents and family. Nina and Lee Cartwright

Sarah Simonds

We finally got to sit down and watch our wedding video this weekend and all I can say is WOW!!! It’s the absolute perfect balance of humour, tears & profanities! You got us to a T ☺️ The video is everything we could have imagined and more, all the little touches that we didn’t realise you had recorded like our little bridesmaids wishing us congrats, and how you managed to film while clinging onto the the back of the drunkenly driven golf buggy we’ll never know! 😂 If we could recommend one thing to anyone getting married it would be to book Wayne. On the day you won’t even realise he’s there, but he doesn’t miss a thing so when you receive your video it really is amazing and brings back everyone’s memories of your perfect day! So thank you again Wayne, it’s perfect and we can’t wait to share it with our friends and family, love Mr & Mrs Simonds xx

Linda Hawkins

When we saw Wayne, he explained there could be a delay in editing our video as he was really busy- now we can see why, and it was definitely worth the wait! The video was beyond all of our expectations and certainly brought a few (in fact a lot) of tears to our eyes. He allowed us to relive our wedding and bring back all of the memories from our special day. Wayne himself is a great guy. We saw him as a friend, not just our videographer. He made us feel both at ease (half the time we didn't even realise he was there). Would 110% recommend to anybody who wants that perfect wedding video, or anybody that is unsure about having a videographer. Words cannot express how happy and grateful we are. He is very talented. Thanks again Wayne x

Kayleigh Wynn

Love our video so much! Definitely worth the wait. Thankyou so much Wayne, you did a fab Job and definitely made us feel at ease on the day. Thanks again! X

So, we just sat down this weekend to watch our wedding video for the first time and I’ve never been more impressed with anything. From the opening scene selection screen to the gorgeous highlights reel at the end, everything was so perfectly chosen and edited to recreate the most amazing day. I was blown away by the music choices from the list I gave Wayne to the absolutely incredible way he captured all the happiest and not emotional moments of the day. Tim and I have agreed it was the best money spent- photographs are incredible as a keepsake but that video just transports us right back to the day. We can’t thank you enough Wayne! The best early first year anniversary present we could ever have hoped for! Anyone needing a videographer should 100% use this company! 💕 thank you- Mr and Mrs Simcox

Becky Tranter

Just want to say a big thank you to Wayne for our amazing wedding video! Brought back so many memories and was made beautifully! I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you put in and how amazing you was on the day aswel! Highly recommend 👍🏻✨

Sharna Bowker

Have to say I'm absolutely over the moon with my wedding DVD, it's just fantastic, captured our special day perfectly from beginning to and. Smiles all round and a few emotional tears too watching it but can't Thank Wayne enough for being so lovely on the day and for all the hard work in editing too 👏👏😁😁 love, love,love it 💜

well what can I say I've just had my wedding video back and it's bloody brilliant so many things I had forgotten on the day was captured forever I'm so glad we had you Wayne for all the moments I had forgotten. we were overwhelmed and crying with laughter at some of it. Thanks for capturing this brilliant day.

I dont even know where to start!!! Words cannot describe how absolutely AMAZING our wedding video is. There was not a dry eye in the house when we showed all our family and friends, everyone was wowed! The little touches and the way it was edited was flawless and so thoughtful! Wayne made us both feel so comfortable on the day as we were worried about being videoed but Waynes great sense of humour, warmness and friendly personality totally put us at ease ! Every part of the day was captured perfectly by Wayne and we will cherish our video forever, its so special to us. I would not hesitate to recommend Wayne to any of my friends and family (and already have!!). Massive thankyou to Wayne for all his hard work on the day and the time he spent editing it to make it perfect! Lots of Love, Mr and Mrs Binder (and Murphy, woof!!) x

Jessica Mason

We got married on the 28th July 2018, we had Wayne do our wedding video, we watched our wedding video on the 16th February, we couldn’t be any more happier with our wedding video! Lovely memories and giggles on our video! We can’t thank you enough Wayne for what you’ve done for us! Absolutely brilliant on the wedding day aswell! Thank you again! Xxx 😁😁😁💖

Aimée Currie

We sat down last night to watch our highly anticipated wedding film and absolutely loved it! We could not stop smiling and will be watching it again today...and probably everyday for the next year! I’d recommend Wayne to anyone, he is amazing at what he does and makes you feel so comfortable on the day! Thanks Wayne so much for memories for a lifetime. Love Mr & Mrs Currie xx

Wayne captured our day perfectly! He worked so well with my photographer and made two camra shy people feel so comfortable. The quality of the video exceed my expectations and will treasure it forever. Well worth they money!

Laura Sirett

Just received our wedding video from Wayne and it is everything we wanted and more. Wayne really captured our day perfectly and we are so happy that we have this to look back on. Wayne was professional and really worked with our photographer well. Thank you for all your hard work!!! Greg and Laura xx

Wayne was our videographer for our wedding back on the 4th August 2018. From the moment we met Wayne at his home and saw his wonderful talent through watching some examples of his work, we knew Wayne would capture our fairytale day perfectly. On the day- Wayne made both me, my husband and the rest of the family feel at ease. He was very much a guest as well as our videographer. From start to finish he kept us going and laughing along with our brilliant photographer Sally Wood. The pair are quite the double act! Words cannot describe how truly grateful we are for the professional and personal service that you provided for us Wayne. You're a fantastic human being and amazing at what you do! We are eagerly awaiting our wedding video which we know is going to be a perfect reflection of our special day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! Mr and Mrs Pitchford x

Angela Healy

Without a doubt the best you'll find. Wayne Greensill was the perfect videographer, fun and creative with our christmas themed wedding 🎅. He calmed the nerves of a very nervous bride and made the groomsmen laugh and kept all our guests happy and entertained on our special day. From the bride getting ready, through to the first dance, start to finish Wayne always had a smile on his face and was keeping our guests happy. throughout the day, He was non-intrusive, yet very good at guiding us in the right direction. The video turned out perfect and he did more than we ever expected, filming lots of extended moments with our family which are and will always be priceless to us and our family. We now have a wonderful 45 minute video and a shorter version for highlights on dvd. Wayne followed our list of chosen music, christmas theme and the editing effects throughout the video are much better than we ever imagined. It is beautiful. Wayne came recommended by our photographer (Curtis Jenson Photography) and they both worked together perfectly throughout the whole day from start to finish so much so that most of our guests thought they were from the same company and still until today, almost a year later (sorry it's taken so long for the review 🙃) our guests are still talking about the two of them and how they were the best photographer and videographer that they had ever seen at any wedding. My husband and I couldn't agree more. We are so pleased we found them. We would highly recommend Always & Forever Video, most of our guests asked for their details as they were so impressed on the day. If I ever need a videographer I know I would definitely be booking Wayne again. Thanks for the great memories of wedding day nerves, fun and laughter, Wayne Greensill. 😀xx

Leanne Owen

We absolutely love our wedding video! Wayne has captured all of the best moments of our day and created a masterpiece! ❤ My husband wasn't keen on the idea, but he loves it and thinks it is the best money we spent, as we now have these memories forever. We hardly realised Wayne was there, he just got on with it! For anyone debating whether or not to spend the additional money, I'd definitely say you must! Memories you can keep forever! Wayne is just excellent! Thank you so much xxx

What can I say! You've bought my wedding back to life! You are by far the best decision we made and to think Richard wasn't keen on having a videographer � I think the kids are going to get fed up with me watching it. The amount of the day you have captured is magical and I can't thank you enough�The way you have put the songs in place is fab, thank you. P.s love the way you styled in the power cut��and Game of Thrones!! Mr and Mrs Mullings

Lauren Irvine

What can we say, you were simply amazing! You really helped to make our wedding day so special and we had lots of fun! One of the best decisions we made was to have you as our videographer so thank you so much! Can’t wait to see our video now, so excited! Thank you for being part of our day, lots of love Matt and Lauren xxx ps did you know that we are married?! X

Well what can we can say about Wayne! Wayne was absolutely amazing with us both and all our guests on our wedding day on the 22/6/2918. We couldn’t fault you at all for he way you was on our wedding day! Wayne is very friendly and enjoys a good laugh. Him and Sean our photographer worked ever so well as a duo! Highly recommend you to anyone! Only bad thing is he’s a baggies fan lol! The Video captured our day amazing from start to finish! Can see how much work has gone into capturing the perfect moments! Thank you very much! From Victoria & Ryan Gilbert x

Wayne you are definitely the best result of any internet search we did for our wedding!! On the day of our wedding you made everyone feel comfortable and at ease , we loved having you around it was like you were another guest! And then we got..... Our wedding video!! OMG!!! It is perfect for us! I think that you totally got us! It's not too cheesy or soppy and is totally hilarious. Better than I could ever imagine! Thank you for giving us the best way of cherishing our memories!! And to anybody hovering over the page don't! Just book Always & Forever right now!!! Kate & Mike xxxx

Katie Ann

Our wedding video is perfection. Wayne has really captured the day and it was amazing to sit and watch it and relive it again. Worth every penny! On the day Wayne was very professional and funny and helped to make our day the day of our dreams. Thank You!

Chris Kirby

Absolute pleasure working with Wayne for our wedding. He took the time to understand what we'd like as a couple, and went above and beyond to ensure everything was as we had hoped for. I would highly recommend Wayne and Always & Forever as we were absolutely blown away with the outcome and results

Kerry Hemming

We was recommended to wayne through our photographer and we are so glad and over the moon that we got to have wayne video our wedding! We got married 27.11.17 and wayne captured all our day/evening, we are looking forward to seeing the final piece as from what wayne captured that day is going to be amazing and from seeing his previous work! Wayne has always been professional from start to finish and made us feel so comfortable and at ease, he made me smile and laugh on the morning of my wedding while videoing me and my bridesmaids getting ready! If any one is after an amazing, hard working, kind guy wayne is your videographer we would 100 percent recommend wayne! Even our guests had such a fun time with him and said what a great guy he was! Thank you so much wayne from The Hemming's xx

Laurie Byrom

We cannot thank Wayne enough for our amazing wedding video! From the first contact with Wayne he has been professional yet friendly and approachable and answers all questions quickly (even when there were 4578 messages from the crazy bride �) he captured every special moment and made us feel so comfortable on the big day � the video is so beautifully edited and we will treasure it forever, we highly recommend him xx thank you xx

James Bloor

We have worked with Wayne on a number of weddings now. I must say his personality, easy going nature really makes couples feel at ease on one of their most important days of their lives. We have worked with a number of Videographers and we must say it is always a pleasure and joy working with Wayne... he just lets us get on with what we need to do and fits in around us. We recommend to all of our clients. James and Caroline @JOL Photography

When we decided we wanted a videographer, we got in contact with the photographer we had booked to see if she could recommend anyone. Wayne's name was mentioned immediately and it took us less than 30 seconds to realise why. When we first met Wayne, we knew instantly that not only did we want a videographer for our wedding, but we wanted him in particular! We kept in regular contact between booking him and the wedding, and then before we knew it, our special day had arrived! Wayne arrived promptly, and was professional yet approachable all day long. Most of the time we didn't even know he was there until we watched our video. He worked incredibly well alongside our photographer and the finished product is indescribable. He is an incredibly talented man and will cater to any of your needs. Our wedding video was tailored to match in with our wedding theme perfectly and we are so grateful. Wayne has helped us relive our wedding day and captured so many small details that we had missed in the whirlwind of the day. Thank you Wayne, your talents did not go unnoticed! If you are considering having a videographer at your wedding, do it, but make sure it's with Wayne!

Daniel Finn

On behalf of my wife and I (the third time she's let me speak on behalf of both of us) I would like to thank you immensley for the video. It was incredible! Wayne, you managed to capture every moment perfectly, we felt like we were reliving the best day of our lives all over again! We can't thank you enough for this. A genuine pleasure to have you at our wedding, you are real gent and so glad we decided to use you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gemma Luxton

Well how can I put into words what you have done for us! You have created a memory for us that will last forever. Something that we can look back on and hopefully show our children and grand children in years to come! We laughed and cried through it (mainly me crying)! You have combined everything perfectly and for that we will be ever grateful! From our very first meeting when there was no pressure to make a decision there and then to when you arrived on the day you have been absolutely lovely to deal with! Thank you so much for making us feel special on our wedding day and for creating a masterpiece which is full of memories! We will be highly recommending you to everyone! �

Emma Harris

On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to thank you emencly for the hard work you have put in and the most beautiful film you have done for us. You have captured our day perfectly and now we have great memories to look back on. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and we have cried and laughed so hard with our family and we have you to thank for it. It truly was amazing and thank you so much from to bottom of our hearts xx���������

Leah Soltysik

Whilst planning our wedding i always wanted a wedding video although left things a little last minute with booking as i needed to persuade my other half!! Since receiving our fabulous video me and my husband can honestly say it was the best decision we ever made. Not only did Wayne capture every inch of detail of our day through the film, he also made me and my bridal party feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout the bridal prep filming. The editing is just beautiful!!! I would recommend Wayne to anyone wanting to re live their specal day. Thank you so much Wayne � xx

Vicky McCoy

We watched our DVD for this first time last night and it was absolutely amazing, more than I could of hoped for. It has captured our day perfectly and I just want to watch it over and over again. Wayne was very professional on the day and we hardly knew he was there, he listened to everything that we had requested and nothing was too much of a problem. Can't wait for everyone else to see it now. He has done 3 of my friends weddings also and would recommend every time. Thanks again Mr&Mrs McCoy 10/6/16

Becki Gibson

Absolutely amazing. Best thing we did hiring Wayne he went above and beyond what we ever expected. Wayne is always full of banter, socialable and professional. Our wedding Dvd is out of this world and had me sobbing all the way thru. Such beautiful moments to treasure always. I just want to watch it again and again. We can't wait to share it with our family and friends. Thanks Wayne Becki and Kyle. The new Mr and Mrs Gibson Married on 4th June 16 x